Time 'N Terror



Torture the data, and it will confess to anything

The Information Management and Analytics Club of IMI, New Delhi, presents "TNT", an event where data intercepts doom.

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. In a panic stricken situation, only your intelligence can make the difference between annihilation and survival. Data intelligence is the sole tool to counter terrorism that has befallen the city. This is a real test of pragmatism and being intellectual while keeping your nerves. So be wise while you make decisions because the life of the city is in your hands. It's time to prove your mettle and unravel the potential in you. Play wisely with your data. But... make it fast before it blasts!

PRIZES worth Rs.50,000 to be won

  • Teams of 2-3 members need to be formed.
  • Only students pursuing post-graduation from colleges registered under recognized universities can participate.
  • Multiple teams can register from each participating college.
  • All the participants in a particular team must belong to the same institute.
  • A student cannot be part of more than one team.


  • All decisions in matters of eligibility and authenticity will be final and binding.
  • There could be minor changes in the events. All participants would be communicated accordingly about any such happenings. However, such minor changes would not alter the format and structure of the event as a whole.


There will be an online quiz to be attempted in 20 minutes of time. It will test the participants' basic analytical and logical skills.



  • The top eight teams selected from the preliminary round will participate in this round.
  • This will strictly be an on-campus round and the selected participants would be required to come to IMI, New Delhi to participate in this round.
  • The teams would be given a nerve-wracking situation where they have to deal with some data calmly. They have to connect the dots by using this data intelligently. Even a single mistake can cost you several innocent lives.
  • Further details, if required, would be communicated timely.


  • The results would be declared right after the event.
  • The results would be final and binding.
  • The methodology for arriving at the final scores would not be declared.

Round I

Registration starts on 13/12/2018
Round 1 18/1/2019
Final Round 02/02/2019