A face beneath, or above!

About Expressions:

We, The Last Word, IMI New Delhi present to you ‘Expressions -A face beneath, or above!’

Expressions is a two-stage impersonation story completion competition, where you put on some masks and wear few others off to suit your words of the story.

It’s where you begin to be beyond the person you are and narrate a story on a given outline. Where you hesitate, you break! And the other person takes over to complete the story.

Your expressions are the tools with which you paint your words! Through ingenious story-lines we would test your personality and the spontaneity and ease with which you can play with words.

At the end of every round, few teams will be eliminated and 4 teams will compete for the position of the ultimate winner of ‘Expressions- A face beneath or above’!

PRIZES worth Rs.25,000 to be won

  • It will be a team event.
  • Each team consists of two members.
  • Multiple participants are allowed from a college.
  • However, one person cannot be part of more than one team.
  • Each round will be an elimination round
  • The qualifying participants (through the online rounds) will be invited to the campus for the on-stage rounds
  • The on‐stage rounds will be an impersonation mock-press conference and story completion rounds.
  • The participants must regularly keep checking their mail inbox and our FB pages for any updates.  
  • There could be minor changes in the events. All participants would be communicated accordingly about any such happenings. However, such minor changes would not alter the format and structure of the event as a whole.
  • Teams are bound by the rules and regulations, failing to comply with shall result in the disqualification of the team.
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity, and final judgments will be final and binding.

The event will comprise of four rounds, namely:

  • Online Quiz Round – This round will be an online quiz round. It will consist of both objective and subjective questions which would need to be completed in a stipulated time-frame. The subjective question will judge the participants ability to think out of the box and their fluency and command over language. It would be an elimination round and the teams qualifying would be invited for an on-campus round.
  • On Campus Round –
    • It will be an impersonation story completion competition.
    • Each round will consist of two teams going head-to‐head and the competing participants will each be given a chance to complete the story (assuming the personality that will be specified by the judges). If any participant pauses for more than 5 seconds, their opponent will be given a chance to complete the story (assuming a different personality, again specified by the judges).
    • The competition will have three rounds, quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final.
    • Each round will be a knockout round i.e. if a team loses; they are out of the tournament.
    • The detailed format of the event will be explained on the day of the event. (This includes order of speaking, personality to be assumed and basic topic for story)
    • The judging criteria will be:
      • Presentation and Body language
      • Content of story
      • Ability to maintain the impersonation
      • Command over language
      • Fluency

As is often said, “Nothing is exactly the way it seems”, each round has a twist associated to it. These twists will only be revealed to the participants shortly before the round commences.

Round I

Registration starts 15/12/2018
Registration ends 6/01/2018
Online round 1 14/01/2018
Result declaration for online rounds 16/01/2019
On Campus rounds 2/02/2019
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