As we move into the epoch of GenZ, we can allude to innumerable examples of organisations that have set precedents for new heights of success. A case in point is the popular entertainment company Netflix, a literal embodiment of embracing innovation to gain a significant edge. The company made its mark not just by pivoting into production of their own exclusive and creatively outstanding content, but also by their strategic ingress into the era of online streaming. They disrupted the traditional way of content consumption through cinemas or on TV, by popularizing subscription-based online video streaming. These upgrades were company-wide efforts and rapid technological innovation, demonstrating its commitment to standing out from competitors, thus making Netflix a classic example of a millennial success story.

The theme of Conventus 2018 seeks to provide a platform where a miscellany of experienced minds can delve deeper into importance of embracing innovation to unlock potential in today’s competitive world and uproot innovation from the land of buzzwords into something measurable and meaningful. It would also be an enriching experience for B-school students to derive insights and harness the power of innovation in their impending corporate careers.

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