With advances in big data, artificial intelligence and robotics, any job that requires the analysis of information can be done better by computers with better precision, quality and minimum risks. Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm, predicts that one-third of jobs will be replaced by software, robots, and smart machines by 2025.

Today, as technology stands to trump experience, the businesses and MBAs would find it difficult to remain relevant and upgrade the organizations by choosing between hiring and training talent or adopting newer technologies instead as their replacement. The “big data” techniques that allow companies to improve their marketing and customer-service operations also give them the raw material to train machine-learning systems to perform the jobs of more and more people.

Conventus'17 will provide a platform to delve into the knowledge and experiences of the industry experts and find opinions, answers to the challenge of technological unemployment. It would be an intriguing and enlightening experience as well for the students of business management, helping them derive wisdom and insights to gear up for their corporate careers ahead.


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